The history of independent Indonesia

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The history of independent Indonesia
Every nation that oppressed must gain its independence back, that’s the law of history that can not be denied. Only a matter of process and the way how they get back that freedom depends on those who hold power at the time. ”
History is a relativity. Therefore, to understand a historical narrative requires a contextual interpretation and manyeluruh to avoid bias a priori. A text which handed down from generation to generation as a historical transmitter [2] interpreted according to the ideological base of each narrator. Usually, in the history of a nation, the ruler of the authority the truth of history. Simply because there are vested interests who play there. As every science is not value neutral, but value-laden (loaded values).

Writing history is not an easy task. Unlike the writing of the history of the past that focused on the narrative of events or facts based on historical events (Narrative type), the historiography of today no different than other disciplines who need auxiliary devices, such as the disciplines of archeology, sociology, anthropology, psychology, religion and others.

The success of the writing of history, according to Paul Veyne, critics of the French text in Writing History, depending on the narrator’s skill in analyzing historical data and link, its expertise in translating the attitude of the perpetrator’s history as well as the sharpness of intuition in tracing the way of thinking, mentality and the tendency of groups or people who researched and written. As a result, the historian must have the erudition (adequate knowledge, insight and experience high).

To that end, the experts writing the history methodology highlights four important aspects that must be met in the process of historiography. The sequence is: Heuristic research techniques or skills that can only be obtained from the experience, knowledge of the interpretation of historical events, research data and the subsequent expression through writing.

Based on the above, it is hard to find a scientific method of standard or universal principles that can be used for the writing of history. Undoubtedly, historiography can not be separated from the background trend and writer. Since the writing of history so much directed at the author’s work extremely difficult to achieve a “objectivity” high. Until Yoyce Dedalus, not just doubt the objectivity of history writing even call it nightmare (nightmare). From this fact also, we can mention that history is just the group winner’s stories (stories of victorious). [3]

The debate about the subjectivity-objectivity of history will always color the assessment of the truth. However, here needs to be underlined that subjectivity is not lower than the objective. Because of objectivity itself is very absurd parameters. What can be done then is to give specific guarantees of the subjective symptoms of kemungkinaan occurrence of errors [4].

History of the New Order Nation

Many have assumed that the New Order is a dark period for the nation’s history. At that time, the history of manipulated-or rather, the hegemony of interpretation-with a political purpose by the authorities to gain legitimacy for his power or just looking for the influence to solidify his political position.

For example, the events of March 1, 1949 General Offensive in Yogyakarta. [5] The narrative and socialization using the film medium. Cinema, directed by Nature Rengga Surawidjaja tells “-patriotic heroism” Suharto in an attack to the Netherlands. With the scene in such a way that suggests that only independence from the military circles and the victory of a struggle can be obtained. Because they are human figures that fearlessly, never gave up and always brave. Meanwhile, civilians are the ones the majority of people who are always in doubt, give up and opportunists. The result is, military rule in Indonesia still enduring because they are saving the country.

Second, about the manipulation Supersemar. This is done by the generals, is beginning a massive plot to seize state power by using the name and authority of President Sukarno; by using the veil of legality and konstituasionalitas MPRS. It may also be said that in the history of this nation state; since this nation is trying to enforce the law countries Indonesia, manipulation is the act unconstitutional Supersemar the greatest that has happened, which has destroyed the joints of the state law that is being fostered by our nation. Is for the first time in state history that is known so far, that the political power of a president of a country, have been seized by the authority of the president in question, and conducted on behalf of the deposed president was.

Third, about the history of communism in Indonesia. Rebellion G 30 S / PKI, until this second myth is still covered by fog. Regime with the intelligent use of PKI brutality in 1948 and 1965 which has hurt the nation. Communism as a frightening specter of the people is really ingrained in the minds of the public. Even as an academic discourse too, communism forbidden. Not to mention about the fate of 20 million children and grandchildren (who were considered as) the PKI or autonomous organs, they suffer, ostracized, shunned terlunta-lunta and society since long history of animosity. Thankfully now, they can obtain their political rights back, after waiting 38 years!

Fourth, the Darul Islam as a threat. During the New Order regime in power, Muslims are experiencing tremendous marginalization. Political field is a taboo for them. If anything, it’s just political institutions saddler ruler. Since the uprising S.M. Kartosoewirjo and a number of colleagues, historical narratives about the role of Muslim scholars and elites in Indonesia, as if erased from the history of the nation. Basic education curriculum to college, packaged in such a way as to secular rulers, many of the nation who do not know the history of its own independence. [6]

Four of the above are just a few small examples of bending history by authorities. [7] There are many other historical series of vague and covered with bush mythology. Including when discussing the history of the independence of Indonesia then we will be presented with various exposure “facts” of history of each group. Ideological base of the speakers will greatly affect exposure about: who figure to make history, how the chronology of events, how the text is to pave the freedom of Indonesia, who was the most influential and the series of “data” other. Often, then arises the question, the truth of history will the spout by sentiment primordialism group that takes the legitimacy of historiography? Here we must ask about the “independence history” of sekapan vested interests of the ruling.
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Hijrah means to leave the residence

Hijrah is a way journey undertaken by the prophets, to escape the evil nature (the condition in which men do not live with the Book of God). In the holy book the Qur’an known term: Faith-AH-Jihad, which means that the move appeared and performed by a great faith or believe that life is not guided by the Book of God is blasphemy, which would bring men to destruction and ruin.

Convinced that only by referring to the Book of Allah alone is the balance can be created. The instigation of trust tersebutlah then migrate performed, intended to abandon all forms of life that is not based on the Book of Allah and establish a new order based on the Book of Allah. Thus the consequences of exile is the jihad, the struggle for what is believed to last (The requirement of the Book of Allah as a guide.) So it can be concluded that the word hijra is inseparable from the words of faith and jihad.

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History of Islam in Indonesia

History of Islam in Indonesia
Islam dynamics started from the early period of its appearance until now, has been recorded in the history of the world. Various important events that happened to give color to the development of human life, especially in Islamic syiar.
The year 570 AD
Prophet Muhammad was born in Mecca, a city that is very important and famous in the Arabian Peninsula at that time. Prophet Muhammad originated from the Bani Hashim, the noblest tribes of the Quraysh tribe who dominated Arab society. Year of birth of Prophet Muhammad was known as the “Year of the Elephant”, because it coincided with the arrival of troops led by Abraha’s elephant (royal governor in Yemen, Ethiopia) invaded Mecca to destroy the Ka’bah and Religious centers move to his country.

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